Products List

820w-1000w Wind Power Generator 24v 48v Optional Wind Turbine
100w-400w Wind Power Generator 12V/24V Optional Wind Turbine
200w-1000w Wind Power Generator 12V/24V/48V Optional Wind Turbine
WD+ energy can provide 2V, 12V AGM and GEL batteries, Lithium Batteries .Mainly used in solar energy storage systems, wind energy storage systemsups energy storage systems, communication base stations etc.
WDM series solar charge controllers are developed for off-grid solar system,wind system and battery backup solar system. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging technology can increase 20-30% power usage efficiency of solar panels more than PWM charging technology.
Off-grid wind system is suitable for regions without grid connection or power instability . Off grid wind energy systems including solar module ,storage battery ,controller ,inverter ,mounting brackets etc .