Services & Supports

After-sales Service:

We are always by your side, We can provide you the best experience in sales, services and support whether you are a first-time buyer for WD+ Energy or a return client for replacement units, engines, parts or other types of goods, our expertise in the industry will offer you the best support.   
Warranty service:

All WD+ energy products and accessories users will enjoy free warranty maintenance
Accessories warranty: accessories warranty time please refer to the warranty manual or call our after-sales department to inquire;
Warranty: All units are calculated according to the time of delivery, time of purchase and time of use, whichever comes first
A. Use time: 1000 hours since the first use;
B. Purchase time: 12 months from the date when the unit reaches the customer;
C. Delivery time: 15 months from the delivery date of the unit.
We cover all repairs
No replacement costs are charged within the warranty.
Fast response time
After-sales service will quickly respond to your requirements, the first time parts replacement and maintenance, debugging, to ensure the rapid recovery of the normal operation of the unit.
Our after-sales service team will provide full responsibility and quick solutions to the customer crew problem.
If you have any after-sales problems, please contact your local dealer or call our customer service department:+86-189 59166156 or email: [email protected] more

Spare Parts Supports

Spare Parts:
Generating sets demand constant technical supervision. The Services department is here to support our distributors and customers. The interactivity of WD+ Energy’s services department optimizes the performance of installations and guarantees safety for all involved.

Spare Parts Support:
WD+ Energy aftermarket support includes readily available, quality spare parts for a wide range of industrial products offering the finest quality parts solutions in the industry.
With 24-hour weekday coverage and on-call coverage during weekends and holidays, WD Energy will be there when you have a parts emergency. Being committed to the needs of our customers is our number one priority, with real-world experience, factory direct inventory, we intend to minimize your downtime which in return with increase your more