Afer-sales Service

After-sales Service:

We are always by your side, We can provide you the best experience in sales, services and support whether you are a first-time buyer for WD+ Energy or a return client for replacement units, engines, parts or other types of goods, our expertise in the industry will offer you the best support.   
Warranty service:

All WD+ energy products and accessories users will enjoy free warranty maintenance
Accessories warranty: accessories warranty time please refer to the warranty manual or call our after-sales department to inquire;
Warranty: All units are calculated according to the time of delivery, time of purchase and time of use, whichever comes first
A. Use time: 1000 hours since the first use;
B. Purchase time: 12 months from the date when the unit reaches the customer;
C. Delivery time: 15 months from the delivery date of the unit.
We cover all repairs
No replacement costs are charged within the warranty.
Fast response time
After-sales service will quickly respond to your requirements, the first time parts replacement and maintenance, debugging, to ensure the rapid recovery of the normal operation of the unit.
Our after-sales service team will provide full responsibility and quick solutions to the customer crew problem.
If you have any after-sales problems, please contact your local dealer or call our customer service department:+86-189 59166156 or email: [email protected]

Damages not in Warranty Coverage

Damages caused by accidents, improper operation or unauthorized modification will not be deemed applicable for warranty coverage. Force majeure such as earthquake, lightning strike, fire, flood, war or other disasters is not applicable for warranty service. Damages caused by modification, replacing spare parts, changing the canopy, engine, alternator, base tank. The running time cannot be read.
Damages caused by insufficient maintenance or improper repair by unauthorized service agents.
Damages caused by transportation, improper installation, or unauthorized repair Accessories or products are used in violation of the law or for obvious vicious purposes.
Damages insufficient maintenance, gen-set not maintained according to the manual guide.
Damages directly or indirectly caused by improper repair and consequent malfunctions and damages are not in the warranty coverage.
Not able to provide required WD+ Energy warranty documents
A consumable item such as belt, battery, engine oil, antifreeze, anti-corrosion filters is not in the warranty coverage.
Warranty does not include the economic loss or extra expenditure caused by the generator set.