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WD+ ATS1.0 adopt AISIKAI SKT series ATS (automatic transfer switch)
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WD+ ATS1.0

WD+ ATS1.0 adopt AISIKAI SKT series ATS (automatic transfer switch)which is the most advanced third generation ATS.  It's of PC Class (one-piece structure). SKT standard type is able to operate the current from 20A to 3200A. 

Its use category reaches the highest AC-33A, is suitable for reliable 



Voltage and Switch Working Conditions Indications Using LED 
External Replaceable Fuses, Easy For Maintenance  
Built-in Microprogrammed Control Unit Realise Voltage Dectection Function 
Silver Plated High Purity Copper Bars
Brige Connect Structure on Load Side
Three-Sections Design (I–0–II),  Zero Position For Dual Powers Off
Pluggable Wiring Terminals
Mechanical Interlock & Electrical Interlock

WD+ ATS 1.0
Model Rated Current Poles of CB Dim(LxWxH)
SKX2/20-100A/4P 100A 3 or 4 500*500*250
SKT1-125/4P 125A 3 or 4 600*600*250
SKT1-160/4P 160A 3 or 4
SKT1-250/4P 250A 3 or 4
SKT1-400/4P 400A 3 or 4 600*1000*500
SKT1-630/4P 630A 3 or 4
SKT1-8004P 800A 3 or 4 GGD
SKT1-1000/4P 1000A 3 or 4
SKT1-1250/4P 1250A 3 or 4
SKT1-1600/4P 1600A 3 or 4
SKT1-2000/4P 2000A 3 or 4
SKT1-2500/4P 2500A 3 or 4
SKT1-3200/4P 3200A 3 or 4

***Specification subject to change without prior note**

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